Postcard from Wadi Rum, Jordan


“Silence, nature, time and solitude are the only few luxuries left in life”Andrew Evans

Soft terracotta-red sands. Dwindling warmth of a setting sun. Reddish glow cast across an otherworldly landscape. Gentle breeze coursing through my hair. Bare feet scrapping against sandstone thousands of years old. No barriers or gimmicks between me and raw nature.

Between me and life so grounded in generosity, tradition, and open arms.

I have been to and explored numerous countries, each leaving its own imprint on my heart, continually filling me with awe and gratitude for this path life has steered me upon. I have also been to other countries in the region but Jordan just doesn’t want to leave its mark.

Oh no, Jordan is selfish and wants my whole heart. And I can truly say I have fallen in love with this country.

Here’s a quick hello from Jordan and I can’t wait to get home to start sorting through all the memories and imagery.