The first thing we did upon our late-night arrival into Houston was go to the Houston Food Bank the very next morning.


Not as a way of assuaging any impending guilt we knew we were sure to have after digging gluttonously into Texan food in subsequent days. We wanted to get a true sense of what your options were food-wise if you were homeless and couldn’t financially support yourself.

And of course, give our time.

Donning hairnets, we spent the morning slicing up taco pies, mixing frozen vegetables, building meal trays, and filling up weekly meal boxes with juices, bread, milk, snacks, and the meal trays. By noon, we’d made close to 1,000 meals in just three hours.

In the time it takes to catch up on your favorite TV shows.

This year, Passports with Purpose plans on building a school in Cambodia and there are so many ways you can help.

This year’s fundraiser (based on raffle ticket sales) will benefit the American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC), and this time around, I will be participating under the Matador Network umbrella.

Will be writing more about PwP next week, but in the meantime, here’s a brief unedited clip from the Food Bank. As you celebrate Thanksgiving today, remember to be grateful for even the littlest of things.


God bless.