Inside my #LAGOM collaboration with Mercedes-Benz

On the launch of the Mercedes-Benz EQC…

Since releasing my book LAGOM – The Swedish Secret of Living Well (available in 17 language editions!) into the world, there have been lots of interesting opportunities that have come through it. From local market promotions (the Polish publisher collaborating with IKEA and the Korean publisher creating some cool swag, for example) to press coverage in different newspapers and languages around the world.

The trajectory this book has taken my career is the perfect example of preparation meeting opportunity at the right time, and I’m deeply grateful I took on the project when the publisher reached out to me to write about a subject I know so well.

Writing Lagom has opened other doors into new industries and introduced more people to my work and voice because they followed the virtual breadcrumbs I’d been leaving for years.

So when an email arrived on behalf of Mercedes-Benz looking to create a lifestyle presentation as part of their official worldwide premiere of their progressive luxury EQC in Stockholm, I was honored.

It’s one thing to be invited to an exciting event as media wearing my travel writer and photographer hat. It’s a whole ‘nother level to be invited to be a key part of such a crucial brand launch as a leading expert… while still wearing my travel writer and photographer hat.

At the time, I was already accredited and gearing up to attend the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan – an event I had been looking forward to since its inception. While the World Nomad Games happens every two years, you can’t always anticipate opportunities like the one with Mercedes-Benz, so I had to (sadly) postpone my trip with plans to attend the games in 2020.

Back to the gig, I really had to keep our collaboration under wraps as well as sign a nondisclosure agreement because no crucial information about the new Mercedes-Benz EQC – especially its look – could be leaked. Instead of a traditional presentation, we created large A1 size art boards of keywords and phrases overlain on my own photos. We created a cozy space with a shelf, candles, some of my photos in frames, lanterns, vases with flowers, and several copies of my book in different languages. As suggested, they also worked with a caterer to deliver and replenish cinnamon buns for attendees as well (Nice touch!)

As an expert on Lagom, our panel was held four times and I talked briefly about how this Swedish mindset works within the realms of wellbeing, design, and sustainability, before we moved into free flowing discussions. I shared the stage with two amazing heavyweights from the Mercedes-Benz family – Joerg Heinermann, Global Head of Sales & Marketing Mercedes-Benz EQ, and Artur Demirci, Head of International Lifestyle-, Brand- & Social Media Communications bei Daimler AG.

Our workshop was well received and then it was on to the stunning Artipelag museum just outside of Stockholm in Gustavsberg for the official unveiling of the Mercedes-Benz EQC. The energy was packed with excitement as journalists and media from around the world jockeyed for the best seats in the house to see this sleek beauty.

The feeling was mutual at the end of our collaboration and it really was a great fit. I truly enjoyed working with such an influential premium and progressive luxury lifestyle brand. I hope to continue branching out even more, while still keeping my love of exploring culture through food, tradition, and lifestyle at the center of my work.

Here are some photos from the worldwide premiere of the Mercedes-Benz EQC – its first 100% electric car.