Resources for writers: The Writer’s Roadmap

“The simple act of knowing what you want empowers you” … Leigh Shulman

One of the best resources for writers

The same way I wished I had a book like LAGOM before I moved to Sweden is the same way I wished I had my friend Leigh Shulman’s excellent new book for writers, The Writer’s Roadmap, before starting my career.

For one, it would have helped me avoid lots of wrong turns, time wasting detours, and dead ends as I traveled down my path as a writer and author.  And in just a few hours over a transatlantic flight on my way from London to Austin, Texas, last year, I used Leigh’s book to clearly remap how to proactively take my writing career to new heights.

Using the OGSM method which she outlines in the book (and yes, one of my favourite acronyms ever!), she guides you through finding out your objectives, goals, strategies, and measures.

Right away, you get to describe your ideal writing life. I’m sharing mine transparently below.

My ideal writing (and photography) life

My ideal writing life would include chunks of time in my own studio space with an amazing view where I can write my novels as well as books on subjects I am an authority on. It will include ample time for family travels and make a lot of passive income where my spouse doesn’t really have to work, and we can afford additional help. It will include paid gigs as a speaker that takes me around the world as well as high profile interviews. It will provide me the opportunity to build a platform to support travel writers and photographers of color. It will free me up to focus on regular exercise and creating the ideal body I want physically. It will also free up a lot of time to spend with the kids and enrich them in many ways – from traveling and experiences to activities and just quality down-time with the family. My ideal writing life will see me as an authority in my expertise of exploring culture through food, tradition, and lifestyle. I would also love to develop into a “Master of Photography” and run workshops people would pay good money for, including having assistants.

Resources for writers

Once I pictured my ideal writing and photography life, the book prompted me to picture my dream life and what I envision myself doing. By the time Leigh guided me through a couple exercises including identifying aspects of my writing life that no longer serve me, I was able to distill my objective as a writer and photographer into this single guiding phrase:

My objective as a writer: I want to create as an established authority within the travel industry with ample passive income for family travels, personal hobbies, and building an inspirational platform to support other creatives of color.

Once The Writer’s Roadmap helped me pull out this career objective, then it was on to tangible tasks of setting detailed goals, strategies, and measures (OGSM) to propel me down my own unique path.

As one of the best resources for writers out there, Leigh’s timely and enlightening book is the much-needed practical nudge to help you break through life blocks and start writing again with intention! If you feel like you’re working so hard but not making progress, this handy easy-to-digest roadmap provides creative clarity to get you back on track or create the unique path you need to be traveling down.

By helping you discover what you need to be focusing on while phasing out unfulfilling tasks, Leigh psychologically breaks down our mental blocks as writers, and guides us in a direct yet empathetic way of taking back control.

Please pick up a copy of her book, The Writer’s Roadmap on Amazon.

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