Snapshot Interviews

Matthias Hauser

Snapshot: Matthias Hauser

Matthias Hauser is a UK based adventure traveler but grew up in Germany. His first camera was a Canon 550D that he bought in 2010 to document his travels through South East Asia during university…

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Kambua Chema

Snapshot: Kambua Chema

For travel photographer Kambua Chema, Chicago is her home away from home. She was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Travelling to a new place makes her heart dance, and any time she sees a plane go by, she secretly wishes she was on it…

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Yetunde Dada

Snapshot: Yetunde Dada

Yetunde Dada is a mechanical engineer and photographer based in Pretoria, South Africa. In addition to travel photography, she is primarily a music photographer which, according to Dada, is an unusual photography genre for an African woman but she loves the music scene…

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Photographer Fidel Che Hart

Snapshot: Fidel Che Hart

Photographer Fidel Che Hart grew up primarily in Columbus, Ohio. In 2007, while working as a mortgage loan officer in Southern California, he decided to recapture his adolescent love of photography and thus purchased a Nikon D80 prior to a trip to Sedona, Arizona…

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