Snapshot Interviews

The “Snapshots” series are mini interviews with fellow black travel photographers to inspire others and myself. As I’ve navigated the world of travel photography over the last few years, I’ve found very few fellow photographers of color who are also doing this professionally with a heavy focus on travel documentary. So this inspirational resource of professional travel photographers of color is a way for people to always find us.

Photographer Fidel Che Hart

Snapshot: Fidel Che Hart

Photographer Fidel Che Hart grew up primarily in Columbus, Ohio. In 2007, while working as a mortgage loan officer in Southern California, he decided to recapture his adolescent love of photography and thus purchased a Nikon D80 prior to a trip to Sedona, Arizona…

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Wonuola Lawal

Snapshot: Wonuola Lawal

Wonuola Lawal is a photographer born in Lagos, Nigeria. Her love of photography started off as a hobby where she would capture things in her environment for fun but it has progressed overtime to something she takes seriously…

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Stace Hamilton Photography

Snapshot: Stace Hamilton

Stace Hamilton has been a photographer for two years and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. She has always been a very creative person and never thought that her creativity as a young girl would transpire into her being a professional photographer…

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