Snapshot Interviews

Photographer Fidel Che Hart

Snapshot: Fidel Che Hart

Photographer Fidel Che Hart grew up primarily in Columbus, Ohio. In 2007, while working as a mortgage loan officer in Southern California, he decided to recapture his adolescent love of photography and thus purchased a Nikon D80 prior to a trip to Sedona, Arizona…

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Wonuola Lawal

Snapshot: Wonuola Lawal

Wonuola Lawal is a photographer born in Lagos, Nigeria. Her love of photography started off as a hobby where she would capture things in her environment for fun but it has progressed overtime to something she takes seriously…

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Stace Hamilton Photography

Snapshot: Stace Hamilton

Stace Hamilton has been a photographer for two years and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. She has always been a very creative person and never thought that her creativity as a young girl would transpire into her being a professional photographer…

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