Snapshot: Eurila Cave

[fullscreen]Eurila Cave[/fullscreen]Eurila Cave is a photographer, videographer, and editor.  Eurila’s work has appeared in numerous global internet media publications including, Huffington Post,, Vibe Vixen,Bella Naija. Black Enterprise and NY Daily News . Her work once appeared as a full-size bus stop ad in Brooklyn.

The 20+ year photography veteran behind Cali York Photography has photographed portraits and events for hundreds of families and businesses in NY, NJ, DC and FL.  A few local notable clients include:

UBS, New York Kids Club, Jack & Jill of America Brooklyn Chapter, Little Sun People, FELA – Knitting Factory Records, OkayPlayer , McDonald’s, OkayAfrica, FACE Africa, Professional Men of Zeta Psi Chapter, Memphis Mayor AC Wharton, New York State Senator Kevin Parker, and New York City Councilman Robert Cornegy, to name a few.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I’d describe it as a unique and beautiful array of light, color and shapes of people, places and things. People and sunlight are my favorite subjects and exploring imaginative ways to interact with the two are my style.  No favorites or repeated techniques.  Quite organic and “as is”.

Can you share the backstories behind these two photos?


The image of an Isla Verde beach is a favorite because it’s my first out of state/country photo and the experience that propelled my Exploring Elsewhere Expeditions photography workshop series.  Everyone should experience travel and photographing their journey. It’s liberating.

The second image below of myself is camera phone selfie I shot in my living room.  I am a guilty narcissist.  Fully flawed and ever correcting, I want to make an example of how possible it is to love and admire yourself.  When we love ourselves we show others how to love us.  It’s rare that I am asked to be photographed. It makes me feel rather invisible to not be invited into many pictures. So I shoot myself.

Eurila Cave

What are your dreams as a photographer?

My dreams as a photographer are and always have been to create a life I can feel good about living.  Providing images for purposeful reasons with quality, integrity and joy at the foreground and simple love of light and smiling faces in the background.  I dream of travel and teaching and being an asset to many while respecting the craft and myself.  One example of how great an independent artist life can be made with some effort, faith and focus.

Follow her here – Portfolio | Facebook –  Cali York Photography | Instagram – @exploringeurila, @caliyorkphotography

The “Snapshot” series are mini interviews with fellow black travel photographers to inspire others and myself. As I’ve navigated the world of travel photography over the last few years, I’ve found very few fellow photographers of color who are also doing this professionally with a heavy focus on travel documentary. So this inspirational resource of professional travel photographers of color is a way for people to always find us. Please get in touch if you’d like to be featured or know of others to feature.