How to be a better storyteller

There is one man who I’m convinced is an absolute genius when it comes to stringing words together.

I remind him of this fact every single time we meet.

Usually during travel-related conferences and events because he’s a fantastic travel writer who knows how to fully and completely transport readers by painting a sense of place through words.

Whether it be York, England, or Barcelona, Spain.

This master storyteller happens to be my friend, Mike Sowden, and I can always count on Mike’s witty self-deprecating British humour to side-step any show of praise.

Mike Sowden (not Snowden) behind the blog Fevered Mutterings is a pure talent when it comes to storytelling.

Reading his blog is a masterclass on how to effectively tell stories, the art of suspense, how and where to transport readers during the journey of the story itself, and how to genuinely evoke emotion.

So first things first, sign up for his newsletter here.

And we’re all in luck because Mike has put together a fantastic course dedicated to storytelling for bloggers.


It’s called Open Loop: A Storytelling Course for Bloggers and it’s a self-paced eight (8) week course that is guaranteed to elevate your writing and teach you how to be a better storyteller.

With Mike’s superb course, you’ll get:

  • Twice-weekly e-mail lessons
  • A weekly audio lesson (mp3 format)
  • PDF guides, including “The Blogger’s Guide To Story Structure” and “How To Edit The S#!t Out Of Your Writing
  • 1-to-1 support and access to the course’s private Facebook Group for feedback, extra challenges & live coaching sessions
  • final exam that will audit your story, giving you a plan to implement everything you’ve learnt.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS! You can retake the course any time – and you’ll have access to extra material coming in the future, including interviews, webinars and more!

This comprehensive 8-week storytelling course is available for a one-time payment of $99 / £75.

In essence, it boils down to only $12 per week. What an investment!

You can learn more about Open Loop: A Storytelling Course for Bloggers and how you can sign up. The only way to get better at something is to invest in yourself.

There’s always something new and refreshing to learn on how to be a better storyteller. Especially from master storytellers like Mike.

So I am excited about participating and getting better myself. I’m moving this blog a lot more beyond a showcase for work and assignments to a place I can continue to tell a lot more of my stories.

For they are many.