A few years ago, I spent a memorable time biking through the Red Sea mountains in Egypt. We were one of the first group of travelers to ever traverse long stretches of the Eastern Desert and as I was finally editing my photos from the trip, I came across a personal favourite set. I had the opportunity to share breakfast which included gaburi bread, gibna gemeli (camel cheese) and gabana coffee prepared with nothing more than an open fire, water, and twigs with local Bedouin nomads.

Here are some photos. You can view the entire set in my image bank from Egypt.

View more photos from Egypt in my image bank.

  • marianellapacheco

    Love your blog!! So inspirational. I want to start my own photography blog of my travels soon and looking at blogs like yours really inspires me to share my work. Thanks for that!!! I was wondering if you have had any troubles with naming your blog after yourself?

    • Thanks so much! I preferred naming the blog after my own name so people know exactly who the person behind the photography and writing is.

  • Monica-USA

    Beautiful images Lola!!!! Thank you

  • These are great photographs Lola!

    I’ve been to Egypt about 4 or 5 times, and it really is a shame that travel there is no longer as fun or as exciting as it used to be. Sadly, most of North Africa except for perhaps Morocco, is unsafe to travel to without an entourage or security police officers. So, so sad. I remember flying to Tunisia purely on a whilm because it was January, and Berlin was quite miserable after the New Year.

    Not any more.