Introducing my book… DUE NORTH

Introducing my travel book… DUE NORTH

Over six months in the making, I am beyond ecstatic to share my new project, DUE NORTH, with you. This is a book I’ve been wanting to put out there for years and it’s finally here.

Due North is a collection of travel observations, reflections, and snapshots spanning two decades across colors, cultures, and continents.

These are stories I’ve written in the past and I’ve compiled them into sections called SOUTH, WEST, EAST, and NORTH.

It’s a very open book that lays bare my inner journey – political correctness aside – from when I started traveling solo, trying to make sense of the world as a Nigerian.

It was my path towards finding my own footing in spaces where I was the “other” and it shows how I’ve gradually matured over the years as a traveller (with more growing to do), including how I ended up in Sweden.

The power of observation, of finding the minute details in the mundane, of sharing a deep sense of place, is the strength of a travel writer.

I am turned on by culture and tradition. I love pulling apart their layers to understand how they truly function and why they are that way by listening.

That is my beat as a travel writer.

Due North - Lola Akinmade Akerstrom

Special Thanks

I have known amazing writer, editor, and photographer Amanda Castleman for years online before finally meeting in person in Switzerland last year. We hit it off right away and I knew Amanda was a truly beautiful soul. I’ve always admired Amanda’s work and so when I reached out to her to be my editor and extra pair of eyes for Due North, I was beyond honored when she accepted. And I’m so glad I did because I’ve learned so much from Amanda over these couple of months and I’m a much stronger writer for it.

I was introduced to the brilliantly-talented designer and illustrator Lilit Kalachyan-Nurse by our mutual friend Jeff Dobbins (another brilliant soul you should follow!) while we were all in Bangkok, Thailand. At the time, I’d casually mentioned that I was planning on putting together a collection of travel stories and photography and would most likely need someone to guide me. Upon finding out Lilit was a designer, I immediately told her I would be honoured to have her work on this project with me. It’s very rare to find a designer who immediately gets your vision and Lilit beautifully executed what I was thinking in terms of laying out and sectioning the book.

Amanda and Lilit – This book wouldn’t have been possible without your help, support, talent, and patience so I thank you from the depths of my heart.

Reviews from inspiring friends

I reached out to a couple friends in the travel industry who I deeply respect to share some of their thoughts about the book and when I got their comments (which is printed on the back cover), I straight-up cried my eyes out.

“It would have been enough for Lola Akinmade Åkerström to simply share her gift through her photographs. That she chose to also share her unique insights and the stories behind those incredible photos is our luck. In Due North, her curious spirit shines through, along with her journalistic abilities to quickly read the people she meets and attempt to understand each world she enters. With each story, you sense her initial feelings of “other” and move with her to notions of understanding. She brings a humanness to the page and you feel completely cared for as she guides you through immediately relatable stories in distant lands. This book isn’t one you’ll be able to read quickly. Each of these stories deserve a cup of tea and a Sunday morning.

Heather Greenwood Davis, Award-winning travel writer and contributing editor at National Geographic Traveler

“Lola makes you want more than just to explore the world. Her stories incite your desire to travel deeply, form connections with people, and live life with her openness and love for all people. The joy that is Lola’s photography punctuates each gorgeous story from her life. It will move you as you can’t help but think ‘I want to go there!’”

Leigh Shulman, Author, writing coach and founder of Creative Revolution writing retreats for women

“Due North is a book of color, poetry, and love—a love for places, objects, and losing oneself in the greatness of the globe. Lola has a magic eye for all beauty, both simple and strange, and she shares it so well. This is an uplifting book made for all those who desire for more beauty in their lives. Surely, it is a gift to see the world through Lola’s eyes.

Andrew Evans, Award-winning author, travel writer, and TV host, National Geographic Channel

Due North - Lola Akinmade AkerstromHow to buy your copy

I would absolutely love for each and every one of you to get a copy of this book. This is my first self-published book through my company Geotraveler Media Sweden and all the costs have been personally absorbed so the price points are on the higher side.

There are three format versions you can buy:

Kindle / eBook Version – $9.99

Paperback – $39

Hardcover – $54.99

The hardcover edition is obviously the most visually stunning version of the book (if I may say so myself) and I have some copies here with me in Stockholm if you’d like a specially-signed one from me. I will also be running a few giveaways soon but I would absolutely love your support with a purchase.

How you can support

Please review the book and leave your comments and star ratings over on Amazon. I would absolutely love to hear what you think about it.

Would you like a review copy of the book for your publication? Please get in touch at

This book is dedicated to all the beautiful souls Ive met along my travels so far and most especially, to The Urb my compass guiding me north.

Due North - Lola Akinmade Akerstrom