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Have you ever heard of the BMW Welt? Did you know it is the most visited attraction in Germany’s Bavaria region?

Well, I didn’t and I got a chance to explore this magnificent living gallery on my last trip to Munich, Germany. The Welt gets even more visits than Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen. You know, the fairytale castle.

Now, you really don’t have to be obsessed with cars to fully appreciate the BMW Welt. Once you step in through its glass doors, the proximity you get to some of the most expensive high-end sedans in the world (ahem, Rolls Royce) feels surreal.

Even before entering the building which is located across the street from the BMW Group’s headquarters, the futuristic angular architecture alone of this innovative museum – rather, experience center – will keep you from getting in because you’ll be snapping photos from every angle your neck can twist and crane into.

Once inside the museum, you’re swept into an otherworldly spacious cove with exhibitions that span 90 years of the brand’s history. On display are various BMW car models including the BMW “M”, which according to the brand, “is the most powerful letter in the world and stands for dynamism, top-class driving performance figures and pure adrenaline.”

Alongside its impressive exhibit of some of the sexiest BMWs I’ve ever laid eyes on, there are permanent exhibits of its luxury motorcycle range, as well as everyone in my group’s favourite section – the Rolls Royce exhibit.

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“Strive for perfection in everything you do,” starts the quote by Sir Henry Royce. Talk about pressure.

Now I’m one of those people that says if I ever won the lottery, the only self-indulgent thing I’d dabble in is to always fly business class regardless of destination and flight time. Not even first class which seems overkill sometimes, but always business class. If I won the lottery. Everything else would pretty much stay the same, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say the Rolls Royce “Dawn” is one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen in my life.

And I know why.

It was its rich midnight indigo blue color with light burnt orange upholstery. Blue and orange. Complementary colors that work so attractively well together. And as an artist/photographer who pretty much soaks up vivid colors, that car was a remarkable sight.

And its price tag? Well over 300,000 Euros.

Needless to say, I surprisingly enjoyed my time at the BMW Welt, mostly because as someone who really isn’t into cars, I came with my own expectations. But I also came with an open mind and was blown away by the exhibits, I have to say. A member of my extended family is really into cars (massive understatement) so a trip to Munich to explore the museum and Welt may very well make the perfect milestone gift.

Here are photos from my time exploring the BMW Welt.

Practical Information

Various 40-60 minutes guided tours take you through the building’s fascinating architecture as well as the history of the BMW Group brand and its logistics on getting custom-built luxury sedans and motorcycles to customers around the world. Plus lots of cool and cheeky photo opps with some of the best looking cars in the industry.

Learn more about tours including the most current price on their official website.

You can view more photos from the BMW Welt in my image bank. I was in Munich as a Nordic delegate at Germany Tourisms inaugural incoming and travel brand submit for media and influencers. Our opening reception was held at the BMW Welt with complimentary guided tours. As always, all opinions and editorial control are squarely mine.