My Favourite Photos from Latvia

Part of the #LatviaRoadtrip campaign in collaboration with Latvia Tourism and NordicTB.

My time in Latvia this summer was really the way I love to travel. It was a roadtrip through some of its most remote regions and forests, getting to meet locals who are preserving tradition as we explored different towns.

And boy did we traverse Latgale – from pilgrimage sites in Aglona all the way to the Belarussian border and back, including making room for serendipity along the way. The people we met on our journey were just as curious as we were and extremely warm. While I know it’s cliche for us travel writers to describe the people of every place we visit as “warm and friendly”, Latgalians are truly that open. Maybe it’s the laid-back way of life, a closeness to nature and spiritually, or being close to the border of three countries (Russia, Belarus, and Latvia); I don’t know.

But I do know that we were rolling up to strangers on the side of the street – from farmers tilling fields to teenages hanging out – and everyone regarded us with genuine curiosity and interest, not suspicion.  Heck, we even picked up a hitchhiker on our way back to Riga.

Here are some of the articles I wrote as part of my Latvia Files series which was in collaboration with Latvia Tourism. So my knowledge of Latvia is much richer beyond exploring its port capital of Riga, and I hope these posts and photos inspire you to see more of this wonderful Baltic country.

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My Favourite Photos from Latvia

Oftentimes, my favourite photos from memorable trips are usually ones of connection.

Of a special moment, certain look of acknowledgement, or intense glare of realization.

Of a different vantage point on a panoramic scene.

Of spontaneous interactions between lovers or with strangers. I often search for beauty in the mundane and in quiet everyday moments.

So, here are some of my personal favourite photos from Latvia from my time exploring the Latgale region.

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Photo gallery from Latvia

You can view more photos in my Latvia image bank below.

I explored the Latgale region of Latvia as part of the #LatviaRoadtrip campaign in collaboration with Latvia Tourism and NordicTB Collective. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and travel content I share on here are my very own.