BLOG - Stockholm Subway Art -  Underground Tunnelbana Photography by Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Just turned in 12 photos to my editor covering Stockholm’s underground art. Picking out of 137 photos was tough and the photo above is not part of the submission, but it was super cool to stop and just focus on beautiful work I often pass and – dare I say – take for granted some times.

  • @Filip – You should definitely visit! They run free tours as well –

    @Abhijit – Thanks for sharing! Will check out your post as well.

    @Julie – Yeh, it does, doesn’t it?! **Taking second look**

    @Andi – Thanks! Hopefully the photo essay photos are better. Will share the link once published.

  • LOVE this shot!!!!

  • Nice! For some reason (the form, I think), it reminds me of Gaudi.

  • Ah, lovely Stockholm! 🙂 Reminds me of this post of mine I wrote a while back.. (though the quality of the photos in my post is very disappointing 🙁 )

  • This is just amazing, I will be in Stockholm next month and I will certainly visit the underground next week.