Wellbeing in Costa Brava: Yoga Experiences

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On exploring some of the best yoga experiences in Costa Brava…

There are some things you don’t think you’re capable of until you try.

For me, one of them was aerial yoga. Lifting my body off the ground and contorting it in ways I didn’t know I could. But the thing is… my body is so much stronger than I  give it credit for.

I should know… I played competitive rugby at both Division 1 & 2 levels for many years.

Yoga experiences in Costa Brava

While exploring wellbeing, I enjoyed some very interesting yoga experiences in Costa Brava when it came to holistic yoga – from acrobatic and aerials to Shakti dance yoga. Many spa hotels and resorts in the region offer various types of yoga experiences as ways to relax and rejuvenate.

Here are some of my favorite yoga experiences in Costa Brava.

Centre de Benestar – Laura Irla

“Our body is our vehicle. When we let our body help us emotionally and physically, everything feels easier.”.. Mar Bufi

This yoga experience was a last-minute addition to my itinerary in the region and I’m glad this stop was added. This unique wellbeing center located in La Bisbal d’Empordà is run by Laura Irla and offers various holistic activities.

It is where the stunning Mar Bufi led us through some acrobatic yoga exercises. She has been leading activities for over ten years and her main specialty is yoga and working with conscious mobility. She started practicing yoga due to an injury and it helped her injury get better.

“As an osteopathic, I integrate osteopathy and yoga. I make this tandem, I mix them, and I help people to feel themselves more better,” says Bufi.

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Elena Pagès –  QiA Salut Integral

This has got to be my one of my favorite yoga experiences in Costa Brava to date. Aerial yoga with Elena Pagès at one of the best rustic retreats in Costa Brava – Can Felicià Beuda. Besides Elena being so vibrant and full of life doing some of the most impressive yoga aerials, she taught me how to hop in and twist and bend my body in ways I didn’t know it was capable of.

I was so invigorated after my private session with Elena that I am seriously thinking about looking into aerial yoga experiences here in Stockholm. I particularly loved the sequence that felt like a caterpillar’s pupa morphing into a beautiful butterfly.

If you plan on getting away to Can Felicià Beuda or even Girona, I highly recommend an experience with Elena and QiA Salut Integral.

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Tada Yoga at La Bruguera de Púbol

“We want to create a retreat centre, but not just another retreat centre. We want to create a space deep in nature, where anyone can come to …”… Alby & Laxmi

Beyond being exceptional yogis and vegans who regularly organize wonderful holistic activities and brunch yoga, Alby Glaister and Laxmi Valls are about the most adorable couple I’ve met in awhile.

For a long time, they drove and slept in a converted eco-friendly camper van for years, traveling around and bringing yoga to the world as a way of creating inner peace and outer glow.

This is a couple I’ll definitely be following because they fully practice what they preach in terms of sustainability, connecting with nature, and protecting the environment as well.

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Outdoor Yoga – Hotel Santa Marta

One of the most exquisite five star spa properties I’ve stayed at along Costa Brava’s rugged coastline with its own tawny sand beach, Santa Marta offers yoga classes outdoors with Ashtanga yoga teachers, where you can do your asanas with spectacular views of the Mediterranean while listening to the sounds of crashing waves.

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Yoga – Sira Capdevila Cugat

I had never heard of Shakti Dance as a style of yoga until I met Sira Capdevila Gugat at Mas Garganta – one of the rustic retreats in Costa Brava I spotlighted. But then again, I’ve always been more into Pilates than yoga.

So I did some digging and found the official description of this form of yoga:

As a form of yoga, Shakti Dance® uses flowing, rhythmic organic movements to harmonize mind, body and spirit. Combining, breath, movement, mantra and mindfulness, we are returned to our true nature ~ tuning the body as in instrument to express our essence, with original creativity and authenticity… Shakti Dance Academy

What I really enjoyed about this yoga experience was the fluidity and feminism it exuded. Its movements felt very ritualistic, raw, and sexy – connecting you back to nature and my mind in a way I’d never felt before.

Click over to her website  | View more photos from Yoga – Sira Capdevila Cugat in my image bank.

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