Copenhagen - Travel Photography by Lola Akinmade
Just back from a very memorable TBEX in Copenhagen, and I’m currently decompressing; sorting through photographs, experiences, and notes so I’ll definitely be doing a follow-up post. But in the meantime in the spirit of sharing and support, I wanted to publish my presentation online so fellow freelancer writers and photographers can have quick access to it.

[Narrative Travel Writing Workshop]

For those of you who were there, here’s a link to a few pieces that were read:

Travel Writing at Ground Level – David Miller, Senior Editor, Matador Network.
High Street – A narrative.

  • Thanks, that was a very informative presentation! Will keep these in mind.

  • @Maggie – No worries! Glad it was helpful.

  • Maggie

    This is so helpful! I love the idea of coming up with multiple angles on the same pitch and will now add this to my pitching repetoire. Thank you.

  • @Josh – Thanks! Hope to make it to Vancouver, but we’ll see. Right now it’s a 50-50 scenario.

    If anyone doubts if these work, I just sourced more insider information from a major publication using bullet #2 under “O”.

  • sweeeeet presentation! I wish I was there to hear you deliver it but alas there is always Vancouver…

  • @Audrey – TBEX Copenhagen was fun in so many ways. Here’s a summary with photos –

    @Ekua – You’re welcome. I totally hear you regarding time! Let me know when you find some extra time. I’m still behind and need to catch up on your solid narratives about Oaxaca.

  • Thanks for sharing this. Do you have any tips for adding more hours to the day so I have more time to try these things out? 😛

  • To echo Andy, thanks for posting this and breaking things down in a clear way. I wish we could have been at TBEX Copenhagen…hopefully we’ll see each other again in Vancouver next year!

  • @Hal – Thanks! I know they were videotaping all the talks so it should show up on within the next few days or so.

    @Abbie – You bet!

    @Janice – Thanks. An evergreen piece is an article that doesn’t have an expiration date. For example, “10 Things To Do on a Long Flight” is evergreen because it’s always applicable, versus “10 Top Destinations for 2010”. Also, a masthead is the listing of editorial and marketing staff of a magazine. The masthead is usually about 3-4 pages in on the left.

    @Andy – No worries. Thought I’d share because I know a lot of writers are getting frustrated with rejections and I wanted to give them concrete tips to help them out.

  • Great tips – loved the A to Z! Thanks for posting it online.

  • Thank you Lola for posting your TBEX presentation of A to Z of pitching outlets. I missed attending TBEX CPH. Please explain what are “evergreen pieces” on slide 12. What is a Masthead? Thank you so much for all the wonderful info.

  • Awesome, Lola – thanks for posting this!

  • Great job, Lola. I miss your voice breaking it all down, though. Any way of getting audio in there? 🙂

  • @Kristin – Thanks!

    @Carlo – Yes, it was quite tricky 🙂 No, I think we need fresh and different material for Vancouver from other Matador editors.

  • Great format…these can be tricky as people can overreach trying to force something to fit a letter, but I thought everything was completely relevant and well laid-out. Are you doing this in Vancouver?

  • This is so thoughtful of you to share!

  • @JoAnna – Catch-22 pertains to new writers because they need at least one editor to publish their work before they can actually have a clip to show another editor.

    For new writers, the best thing to do is:

    Create blog posts and organize them by relevant themes or categories
    Put up photo galleries so you can quickly send links to editors

  • Thanks for sharing your presentation, Lola!

    I was wondering if you could explain what the Catch-22 on your Clips slide, though?

  • @Lily – Thanks! 90% of the tips apply to photography as well (speaking from experience).

  • Congrats Lola!! And thanks for sharing, you rock. I was thinking it would be SO great to have a similar presentation for freelance photography? (hint hint) 🙂