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This sections includes current news on projects and campaigns I’m working on including notable news like announcements of awards and partnerships with major brands.

Taking Inventory of Life’s Progression in 7 Posts

I’ve been intermittently online the last two weeks for many reasons. Besides focusing on getting a few deadlines out the door (phew!), there have been other exciting offline developments that I’ll probably share in due time. Now is as good a time as any to […]

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Flowers - Photography by Lola Akinmade

Letting go of past lives

I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine. We were catching up on our lives, work, progress, families; the usual. I told him that while I was in a good place now in terms of truly following what makes me come alive creatively, that I was still scared of losing all those skills that fed me for 12+ years in the world of GIS and programming…

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Balancing expat life with writing about travel

While recently chatting with my sister, she casually asked if I’d been traveling at all. You know, as a travel writer, aren’t you supposed to be constantly traveling? At first, I wasn’t sure why she was asking, but I completely understood why she had to […]

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Latest News & Updates

Photo above is from a gorgeous seaside property here in Stockholm I’m currently reviewing on assignment… Voila! Here are the reasons I haven’t been quite regular with my blog updates. Been working on modifying my existing WordPress template to support larger-format photos as well as […]

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Notes On Delayed Lunches And Life’s March

12 hours seemed a long drive. He was next to me. I played on his iPhone. We chatted for hours about nothing. Listened to Juanes over and over again. Stretched our legs. Stopped for burgers. Drank coffee from a tin canister. Ate red grapes. Slept. Danced in our seats. Bought semi-fresh pastries from a gas station. Checked out familiar scenery. Acted like it was new scenery. Sat in silence a few times.

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Notes On Pending Tasks And Face-Lifts

I just looked at my to-do list in Microsoft OneNote*, and it’s ridiculous. Ridiculous because I’m already putting so much strain on myself over things which, in the grand scheme of life, can actually be spaced out without feeling the need to accomplish them all in one sitting.

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