Photos from my solo exhibition – Chasing Light

My heart is so full of joy and gratitude right now.

I had my first solo exhibition opening called “Chasing Light” here in Stockholm in partnership with Galleri Duerr and Scandinavian Photo which is the leading retailer of photography and video equipment in the Nordics. Once I saw the official press release which was sent out and read those words about my background and career, it felt so surreal.

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, I knew I was going to explore the world. At the time, I just didn’t know how.

But seeing that dream manifested in this way was nothing short of humbling.

The theme was about capturing those subtle moments of natural light. Not the grand sweeping displays nature gives us (many of which I’ve also captured on camera), but those gentle moments when she kisses blades of grass with light or streams through branches and cracks between buildings to light up the way. So choosing which photos to have in the exhibition was both easy and hard. Hard because I have thousands upon thousands of images (still loading dozens of countries) which I could potentially choose from, but also easy because these were some of the ones I remembered right away and was able to pull out of my archives.

The road has been long and hard especially breaking down barriers and stereotypical perceptions of what a travel photographer should be and I am so grateful to be able to share more work this way. This is just the beginning of many more exhibitions to come and I am so excited for what the future holds in terms of fine art photography.

Close to 60 people (maybe more) showed up at different times, flowing in and out, during the opening, and it was a cross-section of friends, colleagues, and my dear husband – the rock behind this all.

So I wanted to specially thank every single one of you that came out for the show. You touched my heart. I also want to thank Galleri Duerr for curating the show and making sure it ran flawlessly as well as Scandinavian Photo for the gallery space and partnership. I look forward to a collaborative future with them.

And to my darling husband…wow. You epitomize everything true love is about and stands for. Thank you.

Chasing-Light-Scandinavian-Photo-1 Chasing-Light-Scandinavian-Photo-2 Chasing-Light-Scandinavian-Photo-3 Chasing-Light-Scandinavian-Photo-4 Chasing-Light-Scandinavian-Photo-6 Chasing-Light-Scandinavian-Photo-7 Chasing-Light-Scandinavian-Photo-8 - Copy Chasing-Light-Scandinavian-Photo-9 Chasing-Light-Scandinavian-Photo-11Chasing-Light-Scandinavian-Photo-10

Special thanks to fellow Nordic bloggers Peter and Helena of for capturing these moments below from the show.

Photo credit: Peter & Helena Bergström (Freedom Travel)
Photo credit: Peter & Helena Bergström (Freedom Travel)
Photo credit: Peter & Helena Bergström (Freedom Travel)

The show runs until April 24 at Scandinavian Photo on Sveavägen 20 in Stockholm. I will also be having a special artist talk on April 19 as well.