As photographers, we’re slaves to and obsessed with light. The way it flows; the way it morphs a scene from ordinary to extraordinary. We are forever chasing light.

I’m beyond estatic to be having my first solo exhibition called “Chasing Light” here in Stockholm, Sweden, in collaboration with Galleri Duerr and Scandinavian Photo, the largest camera equipment and printing company in the Nordics. Needless to say, having this platform to finally start showing my fine art work is a privilege as well.

The first solo series I’m exhibiting, Chasing Light, is curated from my travels all over the world and they depict various moments in natural light that have stuck with me. They capture those quiet light moments, the in-betweens. Not the flashy display of nature’s light but those subtle glances she throws every now and then that forces you to stop and truly appreciate her natural light.

While I’m mostly an environmental portrait photographer, this is also a wonderful opportunity to showcase other styles of photography I enjoy.  Especially when it comes to landscape photography, human isolation  as well as isolating natural elements within landscapes.

Chasing Light Chasing-Light-Lola-Akinmade-2

Exhibition Details – March 16 – April 24, 2016

From March 16 through April 26, the photos will be on display at Scandinavian Photo’s in-store gallery located at Sveavägen 20. So if you’re based in Stockholm or passing through, do swing by to check it out. I will be giving an artist talk sometime in April.

Series – Chasing Light

Here are the main photos I will be displaying and selling as part of the “Chasing Light” series. I’ve been combing through my archives of travel photography from scores of countries and whittling them down to personal favourites that fit the vision of the series was challenging. These snapshots below are just a selection of the entire set.

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Chasing Light - Lola Akinmade
Chasing Light - Lola Akinmade

Chasing Light - Lola AKinmade

Chasing Light - Lola Akinmade