What is Your Passion?

Last July, I was contacted by Fah Daengdej, host of the Thai travel show “The Passion” to do an interview while they were in town during TBEX Stockholm. So we decided to meet after I’d just given the closing keynote about transitions and using them as opportunities in our lives.

The Passion is a travel reality television show that “inspires and seeks new travellers with a unique passion to compete for the chance to travel around the world.” The show airs every Saturday at 10AM on Thailand’s Nation TV 22.

Fast forward six months and my episode has finally aired!

Excited, I tuned in to watch my small segment on the program but it wasn’t a small segment. A large chunk of the program had been dedicated to telling my story and passion for travel photography as well as Stockholm. Many of my photos were interspersed throughout the program and they’d done a lot of research too based on some of my interview answers.

Needless to say, I was deeply touched and flattered by the depth and breadth of footage featuring my work. I was honestly expecting a short interview bit, but the program was a celebration of my career so far as a travel photographer. It was quite humbling to watch and hopefully it inspires you if you’re still wondering what your passion is.

So a huge “Thank You!” to The Passion TV for the feature and sharing my work and passions with the wider world.

I encourage you to watch the whole program if you can. Otherwise, my bit is the first 30 minutes of the program with a dispatch about Kiruna in-between my interview segments. If you insist, then mine start at 1:53 and again at 21:23.

Segment 1 – Starts 1:53 | Segment 2 – Starts 21:23