I’m finally in a mental space where I can breathe…

I’m typing away in a bathrobe in our family home across the Atlantic, waiting patiently for one more sibling to come join the pack for Christmas celebrations. The last few days have found me in the warm embrace of loved ones, and I’ve slept longer days than I have in the last four months back in Sweden.

2017 was definitely the year of roller-coaster highs of accomplishment and emotional lows from political despair. From notable publications and prestigious awards to two books (one already in 17 foreign languages!), collaborations and dozens upon dozens of interviews in various languages around the world. It was a year of breathtaking travels and mutually beneficial relationships. It was also my best yet as an entrepreneur, where decades of preparation met the right moment to create something truly special.

My focus word (or rather, phrase) this year was self-care and in many ways, I really did live up to that word until about halfway through the year when all the blessings of 2017 began to rush in so quickly I forgot to breathe, leaving me with the kind of year that feels impossible to line-item even if I tried.

My focus word for 2018 came to me last week. It just felt right to my core and I can’t wait to share it next year. But for now, I choose presence. To be fully present in my life right now as all around me rushes at breakneck speed.

So if there’s a single feeling that encapsulates my emotion this season, it is one of a gratitude so deep that it has left me breathless, speechless, and thankful. Don’t forget to take part in my gratitude giveaway.

My wish for you all – friends, families, colleagues, and those who’ve supported me throughout the years – is that 2018 fills you with so much gratitude that you’re also left speechless in the best possible way.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with all your heart’s desires.