Traveling with baby: Staying with HomeAway in London

London Sightseeing Bus - Photography by Lola Akinmade Åkerström

My husband and I love slow travel and I’ve written about this before. This wasn’t always the case when we were younger. Personally, I was always flitting from place to place in a race to check places off. Nowadays, we try to go places where we know locals, or at the very least, spend a longer time in a place to live like locals.

I’ve been traveling to London since I was an infant and now with my own family in tow, I feel staying with extended family more than three nights might burden them even if they don’t mind. Staying at hostels always seemed too transient and rowdy to me, and hotels do work until the fourth or fifth day when you’ve got a bag load of poop-stained baby clothes and spit-filled burp clothes.

So logically, I started looking into short-term apartments and reached out to HomeAway to review one of the properties listed on their site. HomeAway is one of the largest online marketplaces for vacation rentals with over 700,000 listings in 168 countries. Quite impressive on paper.

I had a few criteria in mind when looking through their London list.

-> Wi-Fi or some type of internet access.

-> TV to catch some of the UEFA football championship games (starting June 8).

-> Access to a cot or crib of some sort.

-> Location, location, location.

After wading through a list of properties and review comments from guests, I settled on a property that looked contemporary, had a boatload of in-house amenities, and absolutely zero reviews. This obviously piqued my curiousity and will give me an opportunity to see just how well HomeAway vets its property listings.

Over the next few days, I’ll share posts and photos that cover the accommodations, its location, and a wrap-up of my experience. While HomeAway is providing lodging on a complimentary basis, my thoughts and musings are entirely mine and will be objective. My goal is to provide useful information to you all as well as the pros and cons of renting apartments as an alternative to hotels when traveling with infants.

Please follow along on Twitter using the #HomeAwayWithBaby hashtag or on my Facebook page as well, and questions are always welcomed.