Stokke® PramPack™ Concept - Travel BagFirst of all, Stokke did not pay me to write this review nor did they send me a complimentary version of their Stokke® PramPack™ (link to Amazon). I forked out the money (in painful Swedish kronor I might add) on my own to purchase their bag even though I probably could have approached them for a copy to review in detail on my blog.

After spending 1-2 hours researching various baby stroller travel bags online including getting a few recommendations and reading other bag reviews, I had a vision of what I wanted my travel bag to look like -> Clean, simple, non-awkward-looking, stylish, with some type of fragile logo I could place on it.

When I finally stumbled across Stokke’s travel bag, I felt like they’d literally crawled into my head, pulled out my thoughts, and quickly invented a perfect bag in a span of seconds especially for me (yes, I know – lofty). Anyways, the PramPack™ fits almost any type of stroller and carseat together (I use Graco), plus it has lots of leftover room for a bag of baby clothes and essentials.

In a nutshell, the four things I love about this bag are:

1) It rolls away like a Pilates mat for easy storage.
2) Most airlines will insure it against damage.
3) It actually looks good and not like some shapeless blob.
4) The large sweet-looking “Caution” babystroller logo and sign.

I’m done swooning now. Oh you Scandinavians and your clean lines.

For those of you who have travel bags for your car seat/strollers, which ones do you use?

  • AK

    I use the Bububee Elua travel system. Super cute colors, durable, waterproof, folds into a little bag, lots of straps, padded and great for gate checking. It’s affordable too. That stokke one looks really cute though…

  • @Heather – The bag really does fit almost all types of strollers and car seats even for toddlers. Here in Stockholm, they won’t let us take our stroller to the gate. Hopefully they’ll let us take a small umbrella stroller once she’s big enough for it.

  • This IS cute! Too bad Gabriel’s outgrown the infant carseat. We now wheel him around the airport in a lightweight stroller (Combi Cosmo, ok for the $100 we paid for it) which goes into a red gate check bag before boarding. The carseat has to get carried separately and then put into another large red bag if we need to check it.