Muay Thai Boxing
My Muay Thai Boxing instructor at Banchamek Gym in Bangkok, Thailand.

“What did you learn and how did you learn it? If you can vividly evoke those steps, you’ve got a great story”…Don George @don_george

I love going back to TBEX over and over again because I operate from this general mantra in life:

There is always something to learn. Always.

Beyond the opportunity to reconnect with my friends and give them hugs over and over again in person, and regardless of how far along I am on my path within this industry, I’m always open to learning new and fresh ways of looking at the world, operating within it, making a difference,  and leaving one’s mark.

While absorbing various sessions and keynote speeches, I kept tweeting out some of my favourite quotes, soundbites, and anecdotes so I wanted to also share them here.

Favourite quotes from TBEX Asia

“I want you to be unique, not stupid. Fish where the fish are,”… Evo Terra @evoterra

On running a travel business… “You really have to understand the value chain of the user”…Kei Shibata @keishibata

“Your opportunity to create a business lies between guidebooks & user generated content” …Kei Shibata @keishibata

“Dream? Research? Plan? Book? Explore? Share? Think of which funnels your content best capture.” …Kei Shibata @keishibata

“A story is not defined by its length. Every moment and experience contains the seed of a story”…Don George @don_george

“Your writing is constrained by your living. Throw yourself intensely into the world. Live deeply and focus.”…Don George @don_george

“Are your personal anecdotes you’re giving essential to the point of what you’re trying to say?” …Don George @don_george

“A story is built on the succession of details” …Don George @don_george

“What did you learn and how did you learn it? If you can vividly evoke those steps, you’ve got a great story”…Don George @don_george

“The art of vulnerability. Enable and forge connections by fully opening yourself up to a place”…Don George @don_george

“Passion + Customer Desire = Money”…Tim Leffel @timleffel

Shared by Tim Leffel, “Hustlers send invoices”, Dan at The Tropical MBA

“Technology amplifies our ability to tell stories”…Jodi Ettenberg @legalnomads

“Stories inspire people to see places in new ways”Jodi Ettenberg @legalnomads

I’ll be back over the next few days with my overall experience at TBEX Asia in Bangkok through images as well as sharing my presentation slides.

  • Looking forward to the rest of the coverage!

  • Nadeen

    Inspiring quotes!! Living life to fullest and embracing and sharing your experiences! I can’t wait to read your coverage of the Bangkok conference. I hope your presentation goes well.

  • Amanda Kendle

    You and I see things through the same lens, Lola – these same quotes litter my notes too! Some great inspiration there, although getting to connect and reconnect with people is probably the best part for me!