Slides from #TBEXAsia: Improving Your Travel Portraits #TBEX

Bangkok, Thailand
A random Tuk tuk driver who didn’t protest when we said we’d prefer the cheaper taxi and actually helped us flag one down.

After my talk on telling your travel stories through photography at TBEX Toronto, I was invited back to speak on photography at TBEX Asia in Bangkok. I knew immediately that I wanted to focus on photographing strangers and improving your travel portraits.

Strangers going about their everyday lifestyles, letting you into their worlds, and gaining their trust momentarily to take solid travel portraits of them.

This remains one of the most challenging aspects for even the most celebrated travel photographers. How to push one’s ego aside and come to grips with the fact that the exchange is always never about the photographer, but all about the subject.

It’s about relinquishing control and giving full power of rejection, oftentimes to someone you grew up “subconsciously” assuming didn’t have the power to fully reject you.

The art of vulnerability and humility.

So I wanted to share my slides here with those of you who weren’t there to see it in person.

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