Reggio Emilia in 55 Pictures

Over the summer, I was back again in Italy to teach a travel photography workshop at the invitation of the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board. I have so many memorable experiences exploring this particular region of Italy including following local food producers in Modena, mosaic artists and UNESCO-protected mosaics in Ravenna. textile artisans and fishmongers in Cesenatico, traditional terracotta pan makers in Montetiffi, Italian cooking classes, and searching for the best gelato in Bologna.

I even put together a massive photo post of 110 everyday lifestyle photos from Bologna.

This time around, I was exploring the quiet town of Reggio Emilia located about 30 minutes by train from Bologna with a population of roughly 170,000 including its surrounding suburbs.

Upon arrival, I immediately knew I was going to like this town.

Its laid back vibe, quiet alleys and corners even in the height of summer, people casually milling around on bikes, a certain politeness and go-with-the-flow attitude coursing through the vein of this particular Italian town. I stayed at the historic 500+ year old Hotel Posta right in the heart of Reggio Emilio – Piazza del Duomo. I’ll also be writing separately about Posta because it is one of (if not the) longest running hotel in Italy. So needless to say, its walls and halls are steeped in centuries’ old history.

My workshop itself focused on ways people can improve their environmental and travel portraits. It was dedicated to “travel lifestyle and portrait photography” that captures everyday moments and people who live in the place you are visiting. The group I was teaching was filled with Italian bloggers and amateur photographers. We spent some time going through the fundamentals, about two hours out in the field testing out the concepts, and then about another hour reviewing all the photos we’d collectively taken.

Here are some of my favourite photos from my short but very sweet time exploring Reggio Emilia.

[fullscreen]reggio-emilia-009[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-012[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-017[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-025[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-027[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-030[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-040[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-045[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-052[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-057[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-058[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-060[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-061[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-068[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-070[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-073[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-076[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-082[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-083[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-089[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-092[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-099[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-103[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-112[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-114[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-119[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-143[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-144[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-146[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-152[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-160[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-165[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-167[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-170[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-171[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-174[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-176[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-177[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-179[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-182[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-185[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-188[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-190[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-191[/fullscreen] [fullscreen]reggio-emilia-194[/fullscreen]

You can view more photos from Reggio Emilia, Italy, in my image bank below.