Teaching travel photography in Italy

I’m back in Italy, specifically the Emilia Romagna region which I’ve explored extensively through photography. Some of my past experiences include following local food producers in Modena, mosaic artists in Ravenna. textile artisans and fishmongers in Cesenatico, traditional terracotta pan makers in Montetiffi, Italian cooking classes, and searching for the best gelato in Bologna.

But this time around, I will be teaching travel photography in Italy. In addition to exploring the small town of Reggio Emilia, I  was invited by the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board to lead a travel photography workshop on June 18.

The workshop will focus on ways people can improve their environmental and travel portraits. It will be dedicated in particular to “travel lifestyle and portrait photography” that captures everyday moments and people who live in the place you are visiting.

I truly believe this is the most emotionally challenging kind of travel photography. Making yourself vulnerable to a stranger. Not a very easy thing to do.

Shopping in Cesenatico

Workshop Overview

The workshop is part of the European Photography Festival which includes a series of exhibitions, events, and workshops. It will start off with a theoretical part where I share and illustrate the main techniques and methods of this particular type of photography.

Then I will take our group out on a photowalk through the center of Reggio Emilia so they can test the rules and tips they learned in class. This will be followed by an in-class review of the photos they took to critique it for composition and technique.

In addition, famous Instagrammers  Kim Leuenberger behind the traveling cars project LittleCarsAdventurER as well as Daniel Rueda will also be presenting their Instagram photography projects.

So far, it is sold out with 20 participants but the humbling part is that I also found out there are 50 more people on the waiting list. What a honor. So much so that I’m already in talks with Emilia Romagna Tourism about possibly making this a regular annual or bi-annual event.

We shall see but in the meantime, I’m excited to lead this workshop teaching travel photography in Italy.

The first of many more to come.