Winter in Stockholm

Last November, I added a Sony A7 mirrorless camera to my professional kit which already includes a Nikon D750 FX camera I absolutely adore, an older Nikon D300 and several lenses. I needed to get a smaller camera for my everyday work so I wasn’t lugging a large DSLR except on specific assignments. So far, I’m loving this new camera and not only that, it has subconsciously encouraged me to start shooting video.

One of my goals this year is to incorporate more travel video into my work in what I’ll be calling “Travel Snapshots”. Not just me in front of the camera – though I do plan on some occasional appearances –  but something subtle that compliments my writing and photography. They will be 1-1:30 minute shorts that give you a sense of being there and experiencing what I was seeing, feeling, touching…sensing.

So I’m excited to share my first short that shows you winter in Stockholm and what it feels like. Many of you know I run an editorial site called Slow Travel Stockholm and I often wax poetic about how much I love my city Stockholm. Beyond being its biggest advocate in every sense of the word (and writing and photographing it for many publications and clients), she’s just a super pretty city to gawk at; spread across 14 unique islands, each with its own flair.

I already have several more videos lined up and can’t wait to explore this medium more.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I get all this editing done in addition to quite a workload plus a young family…I’m not. This is the year of delegation for me on so many levels in an effort of continued self-care. I have added a wonderful editor to my virtual team behind my company Geotraveler Media. So I create all the footage and script, outline my artistic direction and vision, and trust his expertise to stitch them together.

As for the Sony A7, all photos in this post are from it and while I’m still getting used to it, I’m already loving these shots of winter in Stockholm.

You can check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Looking forward to sharing more travel snapshots with you.

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  • Monica-USA

    Congratulations on your new equipment. I know you have been taking your time replacing your equipment that was damaged. Enjoy making videos.