My #LAGOM Book – The Swedish Secret of Living Well

Best Lagom bookI am so excited about this book and I hope you will be too once you read it. I explore the Swedish ethos of lagom which pretty much defines what it is to be and think like a Swede. Lagom has been crowned the 2017 lifestyle trend and there are already a stream of books coming out this year to ride the coattails of last year’s Danish Hygge trend.

LAGOM: The Swedish Secret of Living  Well is published by Hachette UK‘s imprint, Headline Publishing/Headline Home with several foreign editions in the pipeline.

My book essentially says “Let’s all collectively stop, take a deep breath, examine what lagom truly means in all aspects of life, and choose if we want to apply it to our own lives once we know how it manifests itself“…. Phew!

I offer a unique vantage point because I marry the objectivity of a foreigner from two completely different cultures with the subjectivity of a Swedish resident (and citizen) with a very intimate relationship with Sweden on many levels.

Thank you all so much for your continuous support and love. None of this would be possible without your love.

Where to buy LAGOM

I’m super excited to say that LAGOM Book is currently up to 18 language editions! And we’re definitely hoping for more.

You should be able to find the book in any of the major online retailers you regularly use as well as in-store too when it has been officially released in its respective markets. Here are just a few links to help you out:


Amazon UK,, and all Amazon sites in Europe 






International / USA / Canada

Book Depository (Free shipping worldwide!) (Original hardcover color version) (American version called “Live Laugh Lagom” – Paperback black+white)





The English Bookshop

Different ways to support

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Upcoming Book Events

I’ll be adding upcoming events and appearances to this schedule as they are finalized.


November 27 – Book event at Embassy House, Stockholm

November 15 – Pop up book signing at Drop, Stockholm

September 4Collaboration with Mercedes-Benz

January – Book tour in Italy (Italian version. Details soon)


December 16Book signing event – The English Bookshop, Uppsala, Sweden

September 27-29 – Book tour in Madrid, Spain (Spanish version)

September 12 –  Book signing event – The English Bookshop, Stockholm, Sweden

August 10 – Private LAGOM Book launch party – Hotel Rival, Stockholm, Sweden

August 10 – LAGOM officially launches!

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