I’m not a gear head and don’t amass a gazillion expensive gadgets. But secretly, I wish I could afford a ton of photography gadgets just to play around with.

I have my go-to lenses and two Nikon camera bodies – a full frame D700 and an old backup D300. While I love my Nikkor lenses (you can check out what I have here) and my trusty D700 has served me well, it’s definitely time to upgrade.

Like… seriously upgrade the camera bodies, not only to get more processing horsepower and quality out of the imagery, but so I can do a lot more with them too. I will be exhibiting some work soon (more later) and the more I dabble into the fine art photography world (on the side), the more I’d like to have ceiling-to-floor sized images staring back at me. While I’ve sold a couple images which were converted into ceiling-to-floor sizes for a travel trade exhibition from an old camera, I want the potential to do so much more.

So here are a couple of things I’ve already begun wishing for this year. Some are gear-related and others are about taking my craft to the next level… however I personally define it. So I thought I’d put this out into the universe.

Gear Wish List

Nikon D810 – For the longest time, if you asked me if I was a Nikon loyalist, I would scream “Oh yes!”. That feeling started waning last year but I’m still sticking to Nikon because of how much money I’ve invested into their selection of Nikkor lenses which I love. I’m looking into a Nikon D810 (maybe Nikon D4S) for now because I travel quite a bit and need lightweight power. I know how to use that brand like the back of my hand but I’m always open to learning a new system if it works and feels better.

Sony A7 II Mirrorless Camera – I need a backup everyday camera I can walk around with, without having to shove a large DSLR camera into someone’s face. After asking many photographer friends, their resounding suggestion was the Sony A7 II full frame camera. Now, there are various models and the prices are eye-popping for a mirrorless camera. That’s why it’s on my wishlist for now.

Fixed lens replacement – I would love to replace my 50mm/f1.8 with a faster f1.4. I do a lot more portraiture than landscape, and love my existing 85mm and 35mm lenses so I will be looking into more fixed lenses as well.

Tripod replacement – Would also like to replace my current tripod with something sturdier (looking into Manfrotto and Vanguard). No, I’m not morphing into a landscape photographer but I would love to go back out and do more Northern Lights and Arctic photography for the fine art portfolio.

General Photography Wish List

Beyond gear, there are a couple things I would love to explore with my work this year. I already started last year and will continue to expand on them this year.

Unique workshops – Both taking some interesting ones from masters and leading some myself including working with kids. I took a fun creative lighting course last year and plan on taking a couple more interesting workshops this year. As a photographer, you should always be learning and absorbing inspiration from all around you so that’s what I plan to keep doing this year, including crafting a couple workshop ideas to start up.

Personal projects – I have personal projects that I’ve been working on for a while. From “Solbacka” which are close portraits of new refugees to Sweden to the “Intimacy” portrait projects series to my documentary project called Fishmongers. I love working on this type of documentary work and hope to do more this year.

Exhibitions – I’m having my first one since moving to Sweden coming up in a few weeks and I’m excited about it. I will share more soon because I now have gallery representation for fine art which I will properly announced in a separate post. Would love to keep growing this side of the business in 2016.

That’s about it really.

But above all, what I want to do is keep creating photographs everyday even if it’s only with my smartphone. To keep honing that creative eye regardless of equipment.