Speaking at the Social Travel Summit in Scotland #STSInverness

Scotland is my country crush. I’ve swooned about that country so many times that my husband just rolls his eyes now. So heading back there for the third time has me excited on so many levels.

This time around, I’ll be heading further north to the highlands – to Inverness where I’ll be participating in The Social Travel Summit #STSInverness.

sts-4-1The Social Travel Summit brings together the world’s leading online travel influencers and travel industry decision-makers meet to share, learn and develop best practices and collaborative success in travel marketing and publishing.

So I’m one of 47 delegates from 17 countries that will be attending alongside travel industry reps. In addition to representing my own personal brand, I’ll also be representing the amazing NordicTB collective which I co-founded alongside Inna-Pirjetta Lahti (Finland) and Janicke Hansen (Norway). We’ve got a ton of great projects and travel campaigns underway and I’m looking forward to hanging with my colleagues and fellow partner collectives from around the world to exchange best practices and tips.

Last year, I attended STS Hamburg and afterwards, I published 10 key business lessons I learned that have helped me since then.

Our collective aim at the Social Travel Summit can be summed up with this phrase below:

How can we develop mutually beneficial, worthwhile, and respectful ways of working together?

I will also be speaking on a panel about selling one’s freelance skills in an industry that’s getting more and more challenging by the minute. For those of you who regularly follow my blog, you’ll know that at the end of each year, I put together pitching pie charts that show how the year broke down for me as a freelancer. It’s an insightful and introspective exercise that I recommend all freelancers try.

In addition to getting some serious brain food over the next few days, I’ll also be going on a scenic tour around Inverness and Loch Ness including exploring Dores Beach, Suidhe Viewpoint, and Falls of Foyers.

Hope you follow along using the hashtag #STSInverness.