Now available… My book on Wellbeing in Costa Brava

Wellbeing in Costa Brava

I’m so excited to finally share that my digital wellbeing book created in collaboration with Costa Brava Tourism has now been released. I have explored its thermal waters and rejuvenating spas to reconnecting with nature through mindful therapy and relaxing coastal hikes around this stunning, rugged part of Catalonia, Spain.

The focus of the book is on some of the best wellbeing experiences – from rustic retreats and spas to local gastronomy, yoga, and connecting with nature. So, if you’re looking to disconnect, recharge, and then reconnect, this is the book you need right now.

It’s a very beautiful book (if I may say so myself), which I’ve very proud of.

And the best part?

You get it for free!

A peek inside

Through this book, I take you on a rejuvenating journey through wellbeing in Costa Brava in 105 pages of vivid imagery. Similar to my LAGOM book, I shot all the photographs in this book as well and love illustrating my words with my own imagery this way.

Download the book

As I mentioned, the book is free for you to download. Simply click on this link here and enter your email address so you can get access to it.

You can view more of my experiences around Costa Brava in my series here.