In Pictures: Liechtenstein

While heading to Switzerland for a conference, I decided to fly in a day earlier so I could spend some time getting memorable photos of Liechtenstein while exploring the minuscule principality – Europe’s most affluent country per capita. At only 25km long by 12km wide, it is […]

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Irish Files: Where Irish Studs Hang Out

Deep within the heart of County Kildare is where you’ll find a certain irresistible Irish stud. He is flown first class all over the world and as far as Australia to mate for €120,000 per session and he has a long waiting list of eager females. His name?

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Northern Lights in Sweden

European Wonder – Abisko National Park, Sweden

I’ve been fortunate to explore so many corners of Europe that have left me breathless because of their astonishing beauty – vast wilderness and Arctic tundra, rolling mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes and streams, and other phenomenal natural spots that constantly remind us just how gorgeous the continent and its landscapes are…

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The Curious Tale of Sabbioneta

It started with the ringing of the church bells from the historic Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta church which dates back to 1767. A mixture of classical catholic hymns that then morphed into a more eccentric cacophony of melodies. Ringing unapologetically into an echo chamber that is the sparse town of Sabbioneta, Italy…

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