Hi guys,

So you might have noticed it’s been a bit quiet here over the last two weeks. When that happens, that means I’m mighty busy on tons of assignments for other publications and clients but it’s definitely time to do a quick roundup of what has been happening workwise.

National Geographic Traveller (UK)

West Sweden in National Geographic Traveller

I still get super excited when I see my images between those yellow frames. In the October/November issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK), I’ve got a nine (9) page photo spread covering West Sweden and its seafood culture including crawfish and oyster safaris, the fish auction in Gothenburg, and Chef Johan Malm of Restaurant Gabriel in Gothenburg.

Even cooler is that my friend and prolific writer Julie Schwietert Collazo contributed The Bronx to the New York cover story in the very same issue. I love when writer friends and I are in the same issue of a publication.

I call these virtual fist bumps!

Smart Traveller: Meet the People

In the very same issue of Nat Geo Traveller, I also have a “Meet the People” spotlight that profiles interesting characters we meet doing our travels. In this case, it was the priest from Modena in a motorcycle helmet about to head off for the day.


In the special free Nat Geo Traveller app, Photography Magazine, there will be a Behind-The-Scenes interview with me about the West Sweden assignment as well as more photos from the region. I will definitely share more once it’s released.

Panorama Journal

Super excited to be a part of the inaugural “Firsts” issue of Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel. I can’t wait to start digging into some thought-provoking and brilliant writing and poetry about travel and place.

Lola Akinmade Akerstrom - Panorama

My contribution was a look at my Intimacy photo project which I’ve been working on for awhile. Here’s a short excerpt:

I first noticed this whenever I talk to someone who is taller than me or is physically standing or sitting in a position where they have to look downwards towards me. Their peripheral vision lies above my head, so they cannot really dart left and right with their eyes in distraction because it is a lot more obvious that they’re not paying full attention to me.

So they give you their undivided attention, fully focusing downwards.

There is something intimate and familiar about a downward glance. It’s a warmer, more inviting look that communicates acknowledgement and attention.

Check it out and congratulations once more to the entire team behind the journal!

Other gigs

I’m off to Norway soon on a photo shoot for Korean Air’s in-flight magazine which I’m looking forward to.

I’ve got some upcoming publications listed below including coming on board as the Stockholm hotel reviewer for The Telegraph UK. So I’ll be crisscrossing my city and checking out various digs to review.

Lots of exciting campaigns and collaborations going on with our NordicTB collective including a partnership with the ITE HCMC travel fair in Vietnam, a huge autumn campaign around Germany for #CitybreakGermany, as well as a fun #LatviaRoadTrip campaign.

More publications + interviews

Upcoming – Turkish Airlines, Vogue UK (photo), Vice Munchies, Outside, Korean Air Morning Calm, The Guardian, Cadillac Magazine, The Telegraph, Sweden.se

On the commercial front

AEG Redesign Launch

For the launch of the redesign of its AEG brand, I did a fun shoot at Electrolux. You can check out more photos here.

I do love commercial work and wish I did more of it. Commercial assignments require a ton more equipment to set up and I always have to keep an eye on my bank account since I don’t have any partnerships with camera and photo equipment companies…yet.

Plus, get this…

While running around town this past weekend photographing some brand displays, I was attacked by a crazy homeless guy who went straight for my camera on its tripod in the most public of places. The camera, lens, and remote cable release all crashed to the ground and were destroyed, and he fled. Of course I’ve filed a police report and will be working to see what can be covered through insurance.

The good news is that I now have to upgrade my gear anyways. I have a photography wishlist which I was saving towards. So I have to sort it out soon before my assignment to Norway.

The more grateful news is that I wasn’t looking through the camera when he came at it with that furious blow.

That would have been a different story.